25% cash rebate in Finland

Finnish government provides a cash rebate incentive applicable for feature films, television series, documentary films, and animations. For the productions that meet the criterion, 25% of the expenses from money spent on local salaries, services and goods within the production work carried out in Finland will be accepted for the cash rebate.

See more: http://filmfinland.fi/news-events/tuotantokannustin/

Location scouting and other production services

I provide location scouting and local production assistance during pre-production. During the production, I’m able to execute various tasks starting from production assistance to assistant directing. I’ve worked in more than ten feature films and dozens of television commersials. I also have experience working with international crews, and some of the nationalities that I’ve had pleasure to work with include American, British, German, Swedish, Danish, Latvian and Lithuanian. I’m fluent in English.

I’m based in and out of Seinäjoki, Western Finland, but the whole country is easily within my reach.